This is a plugin based crossplatform social network manager application based on electron. Usage (Alpha) This project is still on development and is not ready for public use Current early use can be done by cloning repo # Clone the repository $ git clone Plugins can be installed in app or modifying the package.json { ... "plugins": { "name_of_plugin" : "version_or_repo" } } Run: # Go into the repository $ cd koteky # Install the dependencies and run $ npm install && npm start Roadmap Use plugin based architecture Style and Display posts Authentication based on Oauth for social networks Implement Twitter plugin Implement Facebook plugin Implement LinkedIn plugin Credits Social Network graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.

OAuth Electron Twitter

Use Twitter OAuth in a simple way inside your electron App. Installation add it to your elenctron project using npm command npm install oauth-electron-twitter --save Usage add the require for ouath and twitter specific code from this package var oauth = require('oauth-electron-twitter').oauth; var twitter = require('oauth-electron-twitter').twitter; declare a twitter object, and use it as parameter for the oauth in conjuntion with the electron window used to display the login.