Update your npm package dependencies and release with Travis

As a member of the community that like to generate npm packages like libraries and cli tools, sometimes is difficult to maintain everything and keep your package up to date in the dependencies side. I am a fan of having static dependencies as versioning is not being held correctly in most of the npm world. So if you dont use exact packages you could run in the issue that a broken change makes from the night to the morning your awesome tool to break.

Travis YML Plugin

This plugin has been done to be able to have certain level of compatibility in between Jenkins, Travis-CI and other YML based build services. Use Install by navigating and selecting Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Travis YML Plugin Add to your workspace on the root folder a .travis.yml, this plugin accept the next phases of lifecycle: before_install install before_script script after_success after_failure before_deploy deploy after_deploy after_script If you have any failure on your build and want to review the final generated, you should declare the environment variable DEBUG_TRAVIS_YML either on your build node or in jenkins.