Raw Guid Converter

Use Case command line and library to convert guids from oracle raw format to formated guid and viceversa Installation if you want ot use in a package yarn add raw-guid-converter or npm i raw-guid-converter if you want to use it as a command install globally with npm i raw-guid-converter -g Usage Raw to Guid String Code const convert = require('raw-guid-converter').convertRaw let guid = convert('4630880E6D0B3640AB446C6FB3C44FE3') //guid => 0e883046-0b6d-4036-ab44-6c6fb3c44fe3 Command line convert-guid fromRaw 4630880E6D0B3640AB446C6FB3C44FE3 #0e883046-0b6d-4036-ab44-6c6fb3c44fe3 you can pass multiple guids to convert all of them in one go