Electron Plugin

Create extensible electron applications through a plugin architecture that uses NPM (or similar registry) or GitHub as repository for the extensions. Installation add it to your electron project using npm install electron-plugin --save or yarn add electron-plugin

Travis YML Plugin

This plugin has been done to be able to have certain level of compatibility in between Jenkins, Travis-CI and other YML based build services. Use Install by navigating and selecting Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Travis YML Plugin

PlayYoutube Atom

Search and play youtube videos inside atom. Follow your favorite tutorials inside the development environment in a floating window Use ‘playyoutube-atom:search’ (‘ctrl-shift-y’): Display the search window: input some search terms and hit enter.

PlayYoutube Visual Studio

Plugin for Visual studio that allows you to search and play youtube videos inside your development enviroment. follow tutorials or listen what you want, without the pain of having to toggle between multiple windows.

Search Error On

This plugin for visual studio has been created to be able to find the errors generated during compilation time on your favourite web browser. Use Select one or more errors in your Error List Window.