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Provide an async promise based unofficial sdk for the tello drone based on the official documentation.


add it to your project using npm install tellojs --save or yarn add tellojs


this sdk provide functions when you import for the next capabilities:

const sdk = require('tellojs')

const x = number,
y = number,
z = number,
speed = number,
start = {x, y, z},
end = {x, y, z}

await sdk.control.connect() // Enter SDK mode.
await sdk.control.takeoff() // Auto takeoff.
await // Auto landing.
await sdk.control.emergency() // Stop motors immediately
await sdk.control.stop() // Hovers in the air
await sdk.control.move.up(x) // Ascend to “x” cm.
await sdk.control.move.down(x) // Descend to “x” cm.
await sdk.control.move.left(x) // move left to “x” cm.
await sdk.control.move.right(x) // move right to “x” cm.
await sdk.control.move.front(x) // move forward to “x” cm.
await sdk.control.move.back(x) // move backwards to “x” cm.
await sdk.control.move.go(end, speed ) // fly to x y z in speed (cm/s)
await sdk.control.move.curve(start, end, speed) // fly to x y z in speed (cm/s)
await sdk.control.rotate.clockwise(x) // rotate clockwise 'x' degrees.
await sdk.control.rotate.counterClockwise(x) // rotate counter clockwise 'x' degrees.
await sdk.control.flip.left() // Flip to the left.
await sdk.control.flip.right() // Flip to the right.
await sdk.control.flip.back() // Flip in backward.
await sdk.control.flip.front() // Flip in forward.

await sdk.set.speed(x) // set speed to x cm/s
await sdk.set.rc(x, y, z, yaw) // Send RC control via four channels.
await sdk.set.wifi(ssid, password) // Set Wi-Fi with SSID password

await // Obtain current speed (cm/s).
await // Obtain current battery percentage.
await // Obtain current flight time.
await // Obtain get height (cm)
await // Obtain temperature (°C)
await // Obtain IMU attitude data
await // Obtain barometer value (m)
await // Obtain distance value from TOF(cm)
await // Obtain IMU angular acceleration data (0.001g)
await // Obtain Wi-Fi SNR.

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