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Express Exception Handler



This package was created to add a general way to handle exception for express application with the expectation to make it simpler to handle all possible requests.


add it to your project with npm install express-exception-handler or yarn add express-exception-handler


there are 2 diferent ways to integrate the main functionality of this package, either by adding the handle that gets injected to the router framework

var exceptionHandler = require('express-exception-handler')
const app = require('express')()

or by wraping manually the routes

var wrap = require('express-exception-handler').wrap'/', wrap(async (req, res) => {

it also integrates an extended class from Error that contains a message and a status that can be used to pass diferent information to the error handle

var httpError = require('express-exception-handler').exception'/', async (req, res) => {
throw new HttpError('Great Message', 400, "{Response: awesome}")

last but not least it also contains a middleware that can be added directly to express that handles the previous named errors.

var middleware = require('express-exception-handler').middleware
const app = require('express')()

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