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Travis YML Jenkins Plugin


This plugin has been done to be able to have certain level of compatibility in between Jenkins, Travis-CI and other YML based build services.


Install by navigating and selecting Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Travis YML Plugin

Add to your workspace on the root folder a .travis.yml, this plugin accept the next phases of lifecycle:

  1. before_install
  2. install
  3. before_script
  4. script
  5. after_success
  6. after_failure
  7. before_deploy
  8. deploy
  9. after_deploy
  10. after_script

If you have any failure on your build and want to review the final generated, you should declare the environment variable DEBUG_TRAVIS_YML either on your build node or in jenkins.


If you want to help on the development of this plugin you will need Jruby and the next prerequisites:

gem install bundler

For development and to see this plugin in a test Jenkins server:

$ bundle install
$ jpi server

after that open a pull request to add your changes.

If you have any further request open an issue on the main repository or contact the sustainers:

  • @kanekotic
  • @masaki

Github Repo

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